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    Real estate savvy with real world solutions...

    Norry Management Corp. is a third generation, family-owned real estate development firm. The company specializes in commercial real estate investments, including the redevelopment of older industrial buildings. Norry Management buys, sells, leases, and manages properties throughout the U.S. with particular focus on the New York, Michigan, Indiana, and Pennsylvania markets.

    Norry Management is comprised of a sophisticated network of investors, managers, attorneys, engineers, and a dedicated staff that work seamlessly to address all of your real estate concerns. Offering unmatched service and reliability to both investors and tenants, the Norry Management Corporation helps you to make real estate decisions that combine sharp business strategy with dynamic real world solutions.

    Norry Management Corporation. All Rights Reserved 2005.
    1465 Monroe Avenue Rochester, NY 14618
    Phone: 585.271.4800
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